Trade Accelerator Program

Prepare your business for the next level.

The Trade Accelerator Program is an innovative initiative, designed to accelerate the strategic development of your business and to better prepare you for expansion into international markets.

Grow with the right tools.

We will connect your business with top industry experts, provide you with the necessary coaching needed to build a personalized export strategy, and equip you with the tools and resources to find success as you grow your business.

Program Outline

Phase 1: Discover

The program comprises intensive workshops that familiarize participants with the available exporting resources, introduces high-level experts in key functions of international trade, stimulates peer-to-peer exchange of ideas & experiences, and provides guidance in recognizing and handling business challenges.

Phase 2: Develop

Participants will receive hands-on support from leading Canadian export advisors in the development of their Export Plan. Participants will tackle key sections of their export plan, detailing strategic objectives, market entry methods, international marketing plan, as well as supply chain and operational resources.

Phase 3: Build

Over the course of the program, participants will develop their trade plan. They will have the full support of export advisors to guide and assist them in developing an export plan that is realistic, high quality, and fully integrated with their overall business strategy. All export plans receive a written assessment from our expert team.

Phase 4: Accelerate

The final phase of the program is focused on mentoring, constructive feedback, solutions, and reinforcing business relationships. After reviewing the export plan, participants will receive individual mentoring sessions from our expert partners where potential solutions and ways forward are explored. Participants will walk away with a complete Strategic Export Plan!

Prepare to launch your business.

Grow and develop the skills required to find success in international markets.

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Success Stories - Celebrating achievements both big and small.

“Through the TAP program, we were introduced to programs and services available to us which has been significant for our new business.  Thank you for the work from the STEP team for helping with our business growth.”

Tamara Hildebrant, General Manager
KBI Seed Processing


"As a recent graduate of the Trade Accelerator Program (TAP) Canada, the program definitely allowed us to refine our business focus.  A key factor for our organization was the guidance and direction received through the program as well the opportunity to get some crucial questions answered.  Our participation in the program is going to pay dividends as we expand our business reach into European markets.”

Lucas Olenick, Marketing and Product Coordinator
Wilger Industries Ltd.


“Before attending the TAP program, I was skeptical about how valuable it would be for us. After completing the first two-day workshop I can say that my expectations were blown out of the water! The sessions were informative, specific and actionable - packed with information that we can actually come back and start applying to our business instantly. TAP has done a phenomenal job of bringing together a group of experts who truly care about supporting us and helping our businesses grow internationally. I feel fortunate to be a part of the program!”

Laura Burget, Co-Founder


“TAP gave me the opportunity to learn exactly what needs to be done to spearhead my company's export growth strategy. I gained a lot of value and insights”

Fotios Saratsiotis, President
Vexo Technology Solutions



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