Through extensive outreach and analysis, STEP anticipates sustainability to be a rising influence in purchasing decisions within supply chains and households. To future proof business, it is increasingly important for Saskatchewan exporters to showcase their capacity to lead in sustainable growth. As innovators in every industry, STEP members have new stories to tell. STEP's aim is to provide the pertinent information and resources to members so they may develop their own sustainability strategy in alignment with their existing business strategy.

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Sustainability Promotion Program (SPP)

Saskatchewan Trade & Export Partnership’s Sustainability Promotion Program (SPP) is a temporary program designed to promote the innovative products, technologies and services of Saskatchewan exporters in domestic and international markets. SPP funding will provide travel assistance to lower the costs and risks of attendance and promotion at sustainability-focused trade shows. Activities or events must have a clearly stated focus or requirement for sustainability as part of the program and a commercial program.

SPP Application Guide
SSP Application (fillable)


Sustainability Resources

Saskatchewan Environmental Quality Guidelines — a searchable database of chemical concentrations that can be used by industry, consultants, businesses, organizations, regulators and the public as provincial benchmarks or indicators of environmental quality.


Saskatchewan Lean Improvements in Manufacturing (SLIM) — funding assistance to agri-businesses for the adoption of best practices, new state-of-the-art technologies and processes stimulating significant improvements in productivity efficiency and greenhouse gas emission reductions.

Agri-Food & Agri-Value

GreenPrints — a five-part bilingual webinar series aimed at increasing awareness and education on sustainable agriculture practices in Canada.

Product Development Program — funding for prototype and product development services to food, beverage and other agri-processing value-added companies.

Canada Brand — a national branding program, marketing toolkit, promotional opportunities and a community that shares the strategic vision of a unified international Canadian presence to increase the global appetite for Canadian products.

Global Institute for Food Security, News — Statement in support of Canada's first national agri-food sustainability index

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