Premium Membership Services

  • Enhanced and customized services designed for STEP Regular Members
  • New services tailored to Regular Members who are currently involved in export, have the product or service offerings, resources, and commitment to pursue international markets
  • Service offering is ideal for medium to large exporters who are aggressively seeking new business
  • Suite of customized premium membership services available at an additional fee to current annual sales membership service level offering

Premium Membership Benefits

  • Annual STEP Premium Member Service Summary
  • Corporate Advertising Offer - Global Ventures - STEP’s Premier Exporting Magazine (Minimum of a ¼ page advertisement - 1x placement - valued at $905.00. Option to purchase increased advertising coverage at agreed upon additional rates)
  • Customized Market Research Reports - Secondary Research  (Additional 50 hours/year to a total maximum of 100 hours/year with fees applicable thereafter)
  • Dedicated Senior Sector Account Manager - Expert Advice and Guidance with Senior Staff
  • Enhanced Qualification of Primary Prospect Leads - Market Research Reports*
  • Enhanced Strategy Assessment - Market Research Reports
  • Expanded Market Access Program - MAP (Includes member’s new business development in current/prospective markets outside of trade shows. Increased to up to three (3) applications for a total maximum of $6000/year)*
  • Expanded Incoming Buyer Funding Program  (Includes One (1) application per year to a maximum of $1000 to offset travel costs of bringing a buyer in to meet with a STEP member)
  • Preferential Trade Show Booth Space Allocation *
  • Pro-active Market Representation - STEP Business Development Missions
  • STEP Biennial Trade Conference - One (1) Complimentary Registration*
  • STEP CEO Exporting Roundtable Annual Event - One (1) Complimentary Registration*
  • STEP Annual Global Economy Forecast - Two (2) Complimentary Registrations/Reserved Seating*   
  • “STEP’ing Out” Service - International Business Trip Itinerary Planning

* Subject to availability.

To obtain a copy of the Membership Fee Schedule, please click here.

Premium Membership - Market Intelligence Service

In addition to and in some services, as a maximum to the basic membership service level offering, the STEP Premium Membership includes:

  • Customized Market Research Reports - Secondary Research - Total maximum of 100 hours/year with fees applicable thereafter.
  • Enhanced Qualification of Primary Prospect Leads - Market Research Reports.* When applicable, the MI unit will work with the member to identify areas of further qualification of prospects that will involve STEP directly contacting the top 5 - 10 identified prospects to provide enhanced qualification of those prospects.  Service is subject to restrictions including but not limited to language availability and acceptance of the call by the prospect.
  • Enhanced Strategy Assessment  - Market Research Reports will be delivered to Premium Membership members including a distinct section within the report where both the Director of Market Intelligence and relevant trade staff provide a recommendation on market strategy, based on the information collected within the report and STEP’s working knowledge of the member.

Premium Membership - Market Access Program (MAP)

STEP Premium Members who qualify under the STEP Market Access Program (MAP) program eligibility and funding criteria, are allowed to submit up to three (3) funding applications to a total maximum reimbursement of $6,000 per year. *

Expanded criteria/activities may include attendance at trade shows, business meetings, and industry conferences (must have a defined sales/marketing component) in current and prospective markets.  Members must also demonstrate how these market development activities represent new or incremental sales.

*Subject to Availability

STEP MAP Application Form - Fillable Format
STEP MAP Application Form
STEP MAP Application Guide
STEP MAP Evaluation Form

STEP MAP Evaluation Form - Fillable Format

Premium Membership - Incoming Buyer Funding Service

As a Premium Membership benefit, STEP members who are able to demonstrate new business opportunities by inviting a buyer to Saskatchewan, will be eligible to apply under the Premium Member Incoming Buyer Program. The program provides a non-repayable annual contribution of up to $1,000 (per STEP Premium Membership) to offset the costs of inviting a qualified buyer/partner.  The STEP Premium Member/Applicant will be responsible for 100% of all other costs of the visit. This program is geared toward assisting in the development of new business opportunities to meet export business development goals and to enhance revenue generation potential. The program is also an opportunity to introduce new buyers and prospective business partners to the region. 

STEP Premium Member Incoming Buyer Funding Program - Application - Fillable Format
STEP Premium Member Incoming Buyer Funding Program - Application

STEP Premium Member Incoming Buyer Funding Program - Criteria
STEP Premium Member Incoming Buyer Funding Program - Evaluation Form

Premium Membership - STEP International Business Trip Support Service

This service is available to Regular members who are looking to plan and execute market development missions and trips on their own.

STEP can work with a member to choose a market, assist them in various aspects of the travel and business program, and the exporter carries out the business trip suitable to their own timing.  The exporters’ responsibility is to travel to the desired market, to gather market information and meet with pre-qualified prospects.  STEP’s efforts enable the member to focus on the sales of that companies’ own products or services, and maximize their time while in market. 

The team of STEP trade development professionals will:

  • Meet with the STEP member to determine the target market.
  • Explore any sources of financial assistance. 
  • Develop a list of in-market contacts.  
  • Advice on approaching the in-market contacts.
  • Approaching in-market prospects.
  • Help plan necessary travel arrangements.
  • Exporter trip to the market.
  • Post-Travel de-briefing and follow up.
  • Clarify objectives - defining the objective of business travel.

This service is available to regular members to be used a maximum of two times per STEP business year (April 1 – March 31).  Additional usage of this service is available at additional fees.

Market intelligence used for this service will not count against annual current utilization caps.

STEP members should allow 10-12 weeks advance notice of the actual travel to allow STEP to properly assist them to fully utilize this program.  If no market intelligence is required, the advance notice period will be 6-8 weeks prior to the actual travel.

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Simply contact STEP for more information by email at or by phone at 1-888-976-7875.

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