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Making good decisions is essential for operating a successful business and in many cases these crucial decisions are made with less then optimal information. Considering business decisions are only as good as the information they are based upon it is essential that companies look to arm themselves with current, accurate, relevant and actionable information.

STEP's Market Intelligence Unit will work with your company to define your informational requirements and ensure that you have the most relevant and current information available.  All of our reports are customized and based on your businesses' specific requirements. Let our team of specialists sift through the gamut of information out there and bring it all together into a clear and concise document outlining what you need to know in order to make your business decisions, without all of the clutter.

STEP's Market Intelligence service focuses on providing secondary (desk) research, supplemented by primary research when information gaps exist and it is feasible to do so. Our team has access to over $80,000 in subscription industry resources, which assists us in accessing the latest primary data.  We supplement this with in-depth search knowledge of publicly available information from multiple sources, including government, industry and private sector sources. When this information does not quite answer the question, STEP will access its network of international trade professionals, which range from STEP's experienced trade staff to foreign-based government and industry professionals.

Examples of types of reports we provide are:

  • Market assessments and overviews
  • Competitive intelligence and analysis
  • Customer and company lists
  • Political risk analysis
  • Tariff and regulatory information

Market Intelligence Service
Trade Mission Intelligence

Premium Membership (Regular) - Market Intelligence Services

In addition to Regular Membership research services, Premium Members are also entitled to receive:

  • Customized Market Research Reports - Secondary Research - Total maximum of 100 hours/year with fees applicable thereafter.
  • Enhanced Qualification of Primary Prospect Leads - Market Research Reports. When applicable, the MI unit will work with members to identify areas of further qualification of prospects that will involve STEP directly contacting the top 5 - 10 identified prospects to provide enhanced qualification of those prospects. Service is subject to restrictions including but not limited to language availability and acceptance of the call by the prospect.
  • Enhanced Strategy Assessment  - Market Research Reports will be delivered to Premium Membership members including a distinct section within the report where both the Director of Market Intelligence and relevant trade staff provide a recommendation on market strategy, based on the information collected within the report and STEP’s working knowledge of the member. To view more Premium Membership services, please click here.

To reach our Market Intelligence Unit, please contact:
Jeff Thackeray
Senior Director, Market Intelligence
Telephone: 306 530 3914



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