Market Access Program (MAP)

The STEP Market Access Program (MAP) is a funding program designed to support the domestic and international marketing efforts of STEP Regular Members. Funds are provided to assist STEP Regular Member companies in entering new markets and making return visits (24 months after initial visit) to a new market outside of Saskatchewan. New market sectors within established geographical markets will be considered. Financial assistance may be provided to STEP Regular Members who are:

  • Exhibiting in a trade show, trade event, or trade mission in a new export market outside of Saskatchewan airfare
  • Participating and/or exhibiting in STEP led trade missions, trade events, or trade shows

STEP MAP Application Form - Fillable Format
STEP MAP Application Form
STEP MAP Application Guide
STEP MAP Evaluation Form

STEP MAP Evaluation Form - Fillable Format

Premium Membership - Market Access Program (MAP)

STEP Premium Members, who qualify under the STEP Market Access Program (MAP) program eligibility and funding criteria, are allowed to submit up to three (3) funding applications to a total maximum reimbursement of $6,000 per year. *

Expanded criteria/activities may include attendance at trade shows, business meetings, and industry conferences (must have a defined sales/marketing component) in current and prospective markets.  Members must also demonstrate how these market development activities represent new or incremental sales. For more information about STEP's Premium Membership category to receive enhanced services, please click here.

*Subject to Availability

Funding from the Market Access Program

  • Are you interested in penetrating new markets?
  • Are you looking to access a new consumer base in a foreign nation?
  • Would you like to make a follow-up visit to a market?

Who Qualifies?

Applicants must:

  • Be a STEP Regular Member
  • Produce an exportable product or service to markets outside of Saskatchewan
  • Produce products or services that have at least 50% Saskatchewan content (labour and materials)
  • Exhibit in a trade show, trade event, or trade mission in a new export market outside of Saskatchewan or on a STEP-led trade event
  • Be an incorporated business, partnership or proprietorship based in Saskatchewan
  • Be a registered company (Federally or Provincially) for a minimum of two years

Funding Details
Applications must be received no later than 45 days prior to the proposed visit to the trade show, trade event or trade mission. The non-repayable contribution from MAP will not exceed 50% for initial visits; or 30% for return visits; or 30% for participating but not exhibiting in a STEP let mission with a trade show component of approved eligible costs with a maximum of two (2) applications per fiscal year. The maximum contribution to any applicant in each fiscal year is $5,000. Any individual funding application must have a minimum overall cost of $1,000.

Eligible Costs
The following are eligible costs for up to a 50% reimbursement for an initial visit to a new market; or a 30% reimbursement for a return trip to a new market (must be within 24 months of the initial visit, where minimal or no sales have been made); or 30% for participating but not exhibiting in a STEP let mission with a trade show component :

  • Travel cost to market from Saskatchewan (return economy airfare (lowest form) or mileage) airfare.
  • Accommodations
  • STEP Regular members exhibiting at trade shows are eligible for: Trade show registration fee; and/or booth space rental costs
  • Translation of the company’s marketing materials such as brochures and products listings for the specific trade event

Meeting eligibility criteria does not imply automatic access to program assistance.

STEP Member - Program Testimonials

  • 'MAP was very valuable to our company for helping with our strategy of expansion into new markets. Without it, we would not have been able to participate.'
    STEP Member - Agri-Value Sector
  • 'It’s a great value for Saskatchewan businesses. The program encourages growth and promotion of the business outside the province. The program allows us return on initiatives we may have otherwise not pursued.'
    STEP Member - Agri-Value Sector
  • 'Trade shows are an important part of our business efforts to maintain face-to-face contact with existing customers and recruit new clients. STEP’s Market Access Program provides the funding necessary to make exhibiting affordable so we can continue to maximize opportunities to retain and recruit customers.'
    STEP Member - Manufacturing Sector
  • 'STEP has been very important in our strategy to access new markets through financial support and advice on cross border movement of goods.'
    STEP Member - Manufacturing Sector
  • 'This is an excellent program and a great assistance in getting exposure in markets that we may otherwise not have undertaken.'
    STEP Member - Technology, Services & Resources Sector
  • 'It is very important that Saskatchewan companies have a continued presence at major events. The STEP Market Access Program facilitates a cost effective way for companies to reach several global regions at one single venue.'
    STEP Member - Technology, Services & Resources Sector

For complete details relating to costs eligible under the MAP Program, qualification criteria, or to apply, please contact:
STEP’s Program Administrator
Telephone:1 888 XPORTSK (976 7875)

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