Member Testimonials

  • “Our team at 7 shifts was very impressed with the research work provided by STEP’s Market Intelligence Team.  The information we received and the valued content will have a very high impact for our business.”

    Allison McMillan - 7shifts Inc. - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

  • “Growing a business requires continual refinement.  The Trade Accelerator Program (TAP) process has been instrumental in our continual development of items like our value proposition.  I anticipate that we will put much of what we learn to work right away, whether it manifests itself in export opportunities or not.”

    Shawn Moen - 9 Mile Legacy Brewing Co. Ltd. - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

  • "Saskatchewan is very fortunate to have an organization like STEP and it is one of the many reasons why the Saskatchewan export sector has seen the growth it has over the last decade."

    Pat Yeager - Bourgault Tillage Tools Ltd. - St. Brieux, Saskatchewan

  • “STEP has been important to Cameco when it comes to accessing markets and making them aware of Saskatchewan and the capabilities it has. I still remember when STEP officials came to Kazakhstan and brought some Saskatchewan government ministers along and helped us open a market for production there. Whether it’s in Kazakhstan, China or India, STEP has been there. Whether we’re with them or they’re going in and laying the groundwork for Saskatchewan companies, it’s been a big benefit to Cameco, and we’re grateful for the work they’ve done.”

    Tim Gitzel - Cameco - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

  • “STEP has played a very important part in our success. I have nothing but good things to say about the organization and excellent people that work with them. We’ve utilized different components in terms of market research, or being part of trade shows or other matchmaking opportunities, and the result is in numerous contacts, new clients and new projects over the years.”

    Peter Vanriel - Canada North Environmental Services Limited Partnership (CanNorth) - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

  • "STEP is a best-in-class model for what governments can do to maximize trade success. There are few publicly funded programs in Canada - and the rest of the world, for that matter - that have had the impact or delivered the value that STEP does for Saskatchewan year after year. The organization’s focus on export readiness and market diversification in particular will serve our province well for years to come."

    Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

  • “When it comes to expanding our customer list, we benefitted greatly from our long-time membership with STEP.  The organization helped us get our product across the border, establish international contacts, and built our exporting presence.  We have received a lot of benefits from our membership.”

    Don Irving - Capital "I" Industries Inc. - Tisdale, Saskatchewan

  • “STEP has connected us with customers through virtual meetings, trade shows, and introduced us to seminars on local laws and distribution networks.  Without their help, it would be difficult to enter new markets. As a small exporting business, having such a great team wanting to help you get your business to the next level is appreciated.”

    Liam McKercher, Crossmount Cider Company - Crossmount, Saskatchewan

  • “STEP has been a great resource to our company in reaching new markets, enabling us to attend and exhibit at trade shows while adding significantly to our revenues.  In addition to the USA, we are now exporting to Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Israel, Vietnam, South Korea, France and the Philippines.”

    Nathan Sudom - Emerald Seed Products Ltd. - Avonlea, Saskatchewan

  • “Saskatchewan has led the way in something we like to call trade diversification. About a quarter of all trade from Saskatchewan ends up in emerging markets. In fact, you probably have a playbook that the rest of the country could use.”

    Peter Hall, Vice-President and Chief Economist - Export Development Canada - Ottawa, Ontario

  • “STEP has helped us immensely with marketing our product. The Market Research offered as part of our membership is a great tool that we have utilized in order to understand the bigger picture so we can grow outside of Saskatchewan. The help we have received from STEP has allowed for us to stay focused on what we need to be focused on.”

    Kyle Folk - IntraGrain Technologies Inc. - Regina, Saskatchewan

  • “When I joined POS and I became exposed to STEP, I was amazed by the professionalism and packaging of the services offered.  With STEP, there is a dedicated person that is focused on you and they lay out exactly what it is they do to help you.”

    Justin White - KeyLeaf - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

  • “Saskatchewan’s Trade and Export Partnership (STEP) is a model for collaboration between business and trade promotion that other provinces could emulate.”

    Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy - Policy Brief

  • “STEP has been great for connecting us with a lot of opportunities. STEP has helped us with analyzing distribution and gave us helpful market data so we could best launch our products into new markets. STEP has invited us to various workshops and connected us with international trade opportunities.”

    Lisa Mumm, Mumm's Sprouting Seeds - Parkside, Saskatchewan

  • “We credit a lot of our success to STEP.  They helped us get established in the wholesale and retail markets and introduced us to contacts which resulted in getting our company name out in the world.”

    Kevin Johnson, Northern Nutraceuticals Inc. - Spalding, Saskatchewan

  • “STEP took us under their wing. They invited us to various events and we were able to meet with other manufacturers who were exporting.  STEP helped to connect us to people who are wanting to do what we were doing because STEP has a whole myriad of contacts.  Whenever we need help with logistics or distributions, they can always recommend someone.  STEP’s database of people with knowledge is a phenomenal resource.”

    Trevor Thiessen, Redekop Manufacturing - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

  • "STEP has been a champion of the pulse industry for many years. STEP has done a tremendous amount of work in emerging markets such as South Asia and Africa.  As a whole, STEP has a mandate to promote trade from Saskatchewan and around the world.  As an industry association, we aren’t selling and exporting directly, but our benefit is we are tied into a key organization helping industry in Saskatchewan expand product sales. We have been involved in STEP missions around the world where we’ve provided more information about the industry and the production of pulses to buyers."

    Carl Potts - Saskatchewan Pulse Growers - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

  • “Being a STEP member has been very helpful for our company.  Receiving information from my STEP Relationship Manager about upcoming events and the opportunity to reach certain industries is valuable.  Our membership experiences have been positive, and I feel like they know we exist because they have helped us become more successful.”

    Jon Clifford - ServiceBox - Regina, Saskatchewan

  • “I really can’t say enough about STEP and how they’ve helped us so far.  The people there have really been wonderful. Whenever I was confronted by a difficult question, they found the answer. They have helped us make contacts in the industry, not just in this province but all over the world.”

    Mylo Chubb - Stonehenge Organics - Assiniboia, Saskatchewan

  • “The single biggest service STEP has given us is network opportunities with like-minded businesses, service providers, and customers.  STEP ensures you are working with legitimate companies and it is nice having a local organization with knowledgeable people that we can go to for help.”

    Aaron Comerford, Sun River Honey Inc. - Grandora, Saskatchewan

  • “We have benefited from the training we receive from STEP and the engagement through workshops and seminars.  We also capitalize on their expertise and advice on markets as well as risk mitigation and network development.”

    Christos Lygouriatis, XPT Grain Inc. - Regina, Saskatchewan

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