Member Testimonials

  • “Joining STEP was one of the best decisions we have made. By being a member, we have a platform to network with other STEP members and have a much better understanding of the challenges companies face when targeting international markets. As a result, we have helped other STEP members achieve great success online."

    Mouneeb Shahid - 2 Web Design Inc. - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

  • “When we look at approaching new markets, STEP is appropriate for how they line up markets. They introduce and help you make connections, bring trade missions but still leave it up to your own company’s discretion. They make you aware of potential buyers and give you ample opportunity for access into those markets, which would normally take a lot of staff time and effort to do on your own.”

    Colin Topham - Agrocorp Processing Ltd. - Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

  • “One unexpected benefit we’ve received from our STEP membership is the networking opportunities with other food processors, both to share their experiences as well as explore opportunities to do business together. We appreciate the support that an agency like STEP provides both new and established exporters.”

    Margaret Hughes - Best Cooking Pulses - Rowatt, Saskatchewan

  • "Saskatchewan is very fortunate to have an organization like STEP and it is one of the many reasons why the Saskatchewan export sector has seen the growth it has over the last decade."

    Pat Yeager - Bourgault Tillage Tools Ltd. - St. Brieux, Saskatchewan

  • “STEP has been important to Cameco when it comes to accessing markets and making them aware of Saskatchewan and the capabilities it has. I still remember when STEP officials came to Kazakhstan and brought some Saskatchewan government ministers along and helped us open a market for production there. Whether it’s in Kazakhstan, China or India, STEP has been there. Whether we’re with them or they’re going in and laying the groundwork for Saskatchewan companies, it’s been a big benefit to Cameco, and we’re grateful for the work they’ve done.”

    Tim Gitzel - Cameco - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

  • "As a new Saskatchewan company and member of STEP, we attended the STEP Trade Mission to attend the Toronto Gift Fair. This was a new market segment for us and STEP’s organizational ability and expertise during the whole event was invaluable. Our expectations were definitely met and we thank STEP for helping us get into this new market."

    Colleen Haussecker - Canadian Organic Spice & Herb Co Inc. - Watson, Saskatchewan

  • “We have been a member of STEP for a number of years and we continue to be amazed at what we receive for the cost of our membership. It is one of the best financial decisions we have ever made and we will continue to be STEP members as long as we are in business."

    David Smith - Canada Training Group - Turtleford, Saskatchewan

  • “It is not easy getting the right information about a market half a world away. Either the information is too scarce or you are overwhelmed with information overload. You want to spend your resources wisely and in a lot of cases you simply do not have the time to do the market intelligence work. Instead of hopping on a plane to qualify a lead, trust STEP to establish the needed level of familiarity.”

    Duncan Werner - CanMar Grain Products Ltd. - Regina, Saskatchewan

  • “STEP has played a very important part in our success. I have nothing but good things to say about the organization and excellent people that work with them. We’ve utilized different components in terms of market research, or being part of trade shows or other matchmaking opportunities, and the result is in numerous contacts, new clients and new projects over the years.”

    Peter Vanriel - Canada North Environmental Services Limited Partnership (CanNorth) - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

  • "Without our connection to STEP, we would have missed the opportunity to participate. We would not have a big opportunity without them. They have always been an excellent resource for us, especially when it comes to market intelligence, which we always need a helping hand with.”

    Katherine Renier - Coconut Calendar - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

  • “STEP helped our company expand into other provinces and now STEP is helping us to expand our services to other countries. We appreciate how STEP assists us in attending trade shows by encouraging people to visit our booth, setting up events that allow our company to invite potential clients or by promoting our business at trade shows that we are unable to attend. STEP is like having that extra branch to your company.”

    Monique Haakensen - Contango Strategies Limited - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

  • “STEP has proven to be an invaluable resource for Market Intelligence information for our company. With exports, we are careful where we go. We can not afford to make too many mistakes so we listen to our peers in the business, discuss frequently with the staff at STEP on where they think potential markets could be, and proceed cautiously. STEP is turning out to be a great resource.”

    Paul Degelman - Degelman Industries Ltd. - Regina, Saskatchewan

  • “STEP has assisted us by looking for opportunities outside Saskatchewan and developing several new markets. STEP has been very supportive and helpful as they organized events for growers to meet and exchange ideas Through STEP, we have visited research farms and industry organizations which has given us the opportunity to share our product knowledge, where we are located and the advantages we have to growing healthy seed potatoes.”

    Elly van der Veldt - Dutch Potato Farm - Outlook, Saskatchewan

  • “Saskatchewan has led the way in something we like to call trade diversification. About a quarter of all trade from Saskatchewan ends up in emerging markets. In fact, you probably have a playbook that the rest of the country could use.”

    Peter Hall, Vice-President and Chief Economist - Export Development Canada - Ottawa, Ontario

  • “The people at STEP have been very supportive of us. We‘ve become good friends with some of the people at STEP that we’ve gotten to know and spend time with at shows.”

    Dave Deitrich - Flexxifinger QD Industries Inc. - Assiniboia, Saskatchewan

  • "STEP has helped me tremendously with their market intelligence reports and day seminars where you can learn about the retail market and building brands. The membership has been a very good value to me."

    David Grenier - Grenier Organic Farm - Marcelin, Saskatchewan

  • "STEP has played a large role in the success of our company and we believe that there are a lot of benefits to having their support. Our first shipment to Kazakhstan was a direct result of being a member of STEP and receiving contacts through them. We are very fortunate to have STEP as an organization, and the support we receive is just outstanding"

    Garner Deobald - Hawkeye Land and Livestock - Hodgeville, Saskatchewan

  • “The return companies receive from purchasing a STEP membership is invaluable. STEP has helped map out some possible exporting markets for when the time comes. I have had one-on-one conversations with many STEP  representatives about exporting, customs, and shipping products across the border. We are looking into Europe, Australia, and Brazil. STEP has provided excellent information and market  reports. The guidance I have received from STEP has been impressive. I encourage every company to find out more about the services that STEP offers. STEP is a huge resource and offers great services for companies. STEP can help companies transition from selling locally to globally.

    Rachel Meilke - Hillberg & Berk Accessories Inc. - Regina, Saskatchewan

  • “STEP has helped us immensely with marketing our product. The Market Research offered as part of our membership is a great tool that we have utilized in order to understand the bigger picture so we can grow outside of Saskatchewan. The help we have received from STEP has allowed for us to stay focused on what we need to be focused on.”

    Kyle Folk - IntraGrain Technologies Inc. - Regina, Saskatchewan

  • “Our first experience with STEP was at Agribition when they arranged a series of appointments for us with Australian and New Zealand buyers. We have also used STEP’s Market Intelligence services in the past. We are also very excited about their new Market Access Program.”

    Koenders Water Solutions Inc. staff - Regina, Saskatchewan

  • “We would like to set up distributors and dealers for our products in Europe, Asia, the United States and of course throughout Canada.  We have been members of STEP for three years and this has certainly helped us get our product out there.”

    Rudy Ackelauer - Lakeland Log & Timber Works Ltd. - Christopher Lake, Saskatchewan

  • “We became STEP members fairly early on, knowing that it would be quite some time before we were selling outside Saskatchewan. STEP has been very helpful, letting us know what resources are available to us in terms of marketing in other jurisdictions”.

    LB Distillers Staff - LB Distillers - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

  • "STEP is a best-in-class model for what governments can do to maximize trade success. There are few publicly funded programs in Canada - and the rest of the world, for that matter - that have had the impact or delivered the value that STEP does for Saskatchewan year after year. The organization’s focus on export readiness and market diversification in particular will serve our province well for years to come."

    Manufacturing 2025 - Saskatchewan Action Plan to Grow Manufacturing Sales - December 2015

  • “STEP is a valuable ally in reaching international markets. One way STEP helps is to bring Saskatchewan manufacturers and producers of goods to international events. STEP is second to none in terms of the help and support they provide companies to reach international markets. Many sectors benefit from STEP and the organization plays a key role in adding to employment in our province.”

    Dave Fletcher - Meridian Mfg. - Regina, Saskatchewan

  • "STEP has been a partner that has helped us to diversify our marketplace. We have had some successful trade missions and STEP has brought us international buyers to visit either our head office in Saskatoon or our facilities in Yorkton."

    Mike Dahlseide - Morris Industries Ltd. - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

  • "From the initial meetings with the team at STEP and subsequent meetings, we at Radouga Distilleries have been struck by their professionalism as individuals and support as an organization.  Speed of response along with the width and breadth of ideas are things we are looking for in our export plans to the United States and abroad.  The value that STEP provides with its resources for research on the markets and paths to gain access to new markets is invaluable to a new, growing exporter such as ourselves."

    Paul Riben - Radouga Distilleries - Blaine Lake, Saskatchewan

  • “STEP has helped introduce us to new customers and markets, making the process easier for us. There is a lot of support that STEP offers its members that we haven’t taken advantage of, but we plan to in the near future. As we expand further, we will be looking more to STEP for assistance with their market intelligence and connections. We have gone on a few STEP trade missions and that has helped us determine markets.”

    Heather Forbes - Rite Way Mfg. Co. Ltd. - Regina, Saskatchewan

  • "STEP has been a champion of the pulse industry for many years. STEP has done a tremendous amount of work in emerging markets such as South Asia and Africa.  As a whole, STEP has a mandate to promote trade from Saskatchewan and around the world.  As an industry association, we aren’t selling and exporting directly, but our benefit is we are tied into a key organization helping industry in Saskatchewan expand product sales. We have been involved in STEP missions around the world where we’ve provided more information about the industry and the production of pulses to buyers."

    Carl Potts - Saskatchewan Pulse Growers - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

  • “STEP has provided us with trade show assistance which is a great way to meet new customers, see what other countries are doing, and determine what they need. Joining STEP and tapping into their contacts"

    Kirk Flaman - Saskatchewan Seed Potato Growers Association (SSPGA) - Outlook, Saskatchewan

  • “I really can’t say enough about STEP and how they’ve helped us so far.  The people there have really been wonderful. Whenever I was confronted by a difficult question, they found the answer. They have helped us make contacts in the industry, not just in this province but all over the world.”

    Mylo Chubb - Stonehenge Organics - Assiniboia, Saskatchewan

  • “We got involved with STEP as a networking opportunity, and I’ve found it to be amazing. A lot of STEP members have engaged us to sell their agricultural products in China, and to promote their business at a trade show in Germany.”

    Jeremy Drummond - Studio 10 Productions Inc. - Regina, Saskatchewan

  • “When you look at exporting services outside Saskatchewan, that ‘s when you have to start sharpening your pencils. Being part of STEP is a wise choice, not just for zu but also for other internet-based companies to reach new markets.”

    Ryan Lejbak - zu - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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