Sustainability Resources

Sustainability Resources

Saskatchewan Environmental Quality Guidelines — a searchable database of chemical concentrations that can be used by industry, consultants, businesses, organizations, regulators and the public as provincial benchmarks or indicators of environmental quality.

BDC Climate Action Centre — free tools, advice, resources & articles, support, inspiration & step-by-step instructions, and links to partners and allies to help entrepreneurs take action and reap the benefits of a greener business. 


Saskatchewan Lean Improvements in Manufacturing (SLIM) — funding assistance to agri-businesses for the adoption of best practices, new state-of-the-art technologies and processes stimulating significant improvements in productivity efficiency and greenhouse gas emission reductions.

Agri-Food & Agri-Value

GreenPrints — a five-part bilingual webinar series aimed at increasing awareness and education on sustainable agriculture practices in Canada.

Webinar #1: The State of Plant-Based and Sustainable Protein Consumption in Canada WATCH NOW
Webinar #2: Addressing Food Waste in Canada, Upcycling, Rescuing, and More REGISTER NOW for September 14

Product Development Program — funding for prototype and product development services to food, beverage and other agri-processing value-added companies.

Canada Brand — a national branding program, marketing toolkit, promotional opportunities and a community that shares the strategic vision of a unified international Canadian presence to increase the global appetite for Canadian products.

Global Institute for Food Security, News — Statement in support of Canada's first national agri-food sustainability index