Explore STEP Membership Category Options

Regular Membership - Companies in this category are involved in exporting and have the product/service offering, the resources, and the commitment to pursue international markets.  This category is ideal for small and medium sized companies looking to maintain and grow their international business.

Associate Membership - Companies that provide services that support the exporting efforts of STEP Regular Members. This category is ideal for export service providers and industry stakeholders.

Premium Membership (Regular) - The Premium Membership option is offered to STEP Regular Members who are involved in exporting and have the product/service offering, the resources, and an engaged commitment to pursue international markets. The category is ideal for the medium to large exporters who are aggressively seeking new business internationally. Premium Memberships are available at an additional fee to a current annual sales membership investment fee.  


Added Capacity - Use STEP as your marketing and promotion team
Business Opportunities - Access to trade leads and incoming buyers
Cost Savings - Reduced costs on marketing activities and access to funding programs
Credibility - Align with proven provincial, national and international recognition
Expertise - Direct assistance to knowledge and advice on markets
Information - Tailored market reports and custom market intelligence
Network Development - Access to international contacts around the world
Risk Mitigation - Access to services and solutions that can reduce the risk of entering new markets or working with new customers
Training - Workshops, seminars and presentations on a variety of topics
Visibility - STEP markets member capabilities and services throughout the world through various targeted marketing mediums

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Member Benefits

  • Access to applicable funding programs
  • Access to STEP seminars and networking events at member rates
  • Access to in-coming buyers
  • Corporate profiling via various corporate marketing tools - printed/electronic
  • Customized market research reports
  • Individualized export market advice and guidance
  • Indivualized guidance on international finance and logistics
  • Information on projects and program options of International Financial Institutions
  • Introduction of members and their products/services to prospective in-market contacts
  • Participation in STEP business development missions and in-market support
  • Qualified trade leads

Member Testimonials

  • “STEP has been important to Cameco when it comes to accessing markets and making them aware of Saskatchewan and the capabilities it has. I still remember when STEP officials came to Kazakhstan and brought some Saskatchewan government ministers along and helped us open a market for production there. Whether it’s in Kazakhstan, China or India, STEP has been there. Whether we’re with them or they’re going in and laying the groundwork for Saskatchewan companies, it’s been a big benefit to Cameco, and we’re grateful for the work they’ve done.”

    - Tim Gitzel - Cameco, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

  • “One unexpected benefit we’ve received from our STEP membership is the networking opportunities with other food processors, both to share their experiences as well as explore opportunities to do business together. We appreciate the support that an agency like STEP provides both new and established exporters.”

    - Margaret Hughes - Best Cooking Pulses, Rowatt, Saskatchewan

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