Mar 18, 2021

Partner Event - The Other NAFTA Partner Webinar

Often forgotten because of our focus on the U.S., Canada’s other partner in the new NAFTA, Mexico, represents significant opportunities beyond energy. However, Mexico is still an under-explored market with a GDP per capita higher than that of China, and is integrated into NAFTA and CPTPP supply and production chains. But, there are numerous challenges for businesses in Mexico, including the stability of the investment climate. In this market, getting insights from someone on the ground is essential to success.

Ambassador Graeme Clark
, Canadian Embassy, Mexico City. Ambassador Clark will present a frank, on the ground perspective on the current state of affairs in Mexico along with opportunities and risks that flow thereunder. 

Chris Dekker
, President and CEO, Saskatchewan Trade Export Partnership
Mariette Mulaire, President and CEO, World Trade Centre Winnipeg
Mustafa Sahin, Vice President, Investment & Trade, Edmonton Global

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Angela Kruass, Vice President, Marketing & Membership Development
Telephone: 306 537 1093

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