STEP Board of Directors

    Michael Chubb

    Board Member
    Chief Executive Officer - SCCL - Saskatoon

    Michael is a seasoned business leader with a penchant for energizing new initiatives and driving local offerings to be global sensations. His 20 years of international experience in business development, marketing, sales, general management & consulting have taught him the ins and outs of harnessing passion and vison in pursuit of opportunities in many market places. He has worked in small privately held businesses as well as large publicly held multinational corporations in industries from manufacturing & marketing nutraceuticals, medical foods; to consumer product quality assurance testing & auditing; and trade assurance. Presently Michael leads a science based bio business which produces veterinary products for the global dairy & bovine health marketplace (SCCL – Saskatoon Colostrum Company Ltd). Here he drives marketing, international business development & oversees operations of SCCL in Canada, Mexico, Scotland & the USA with sales in the same plus Japan, Korea, Colombia, Chile, Uruguay, Israel and Brazil. He travels often to assure stakeholders & partners are aligned & driving towards growth and prosperity. Michael is a Saskatchewan born UofS alumni with a Masters of Law from University of Dundee Scotland, a road warrior, a team builder and a family man who resides in sunny Saskatoon with his high school sweetheart Ellyn and his two teenagers, Maya & Gavin. 

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