STEP Board of Directors

    Kristy Ehman

    Board Member
    CEO - Hyon Software Inc. - Saskatoon

    As CEO and Founder of HYON Software Inc., Kristy Ehman leads a team on a mission to reinvent the re-commerce industry. Her love of a good deal took her from shopping garage sales to running consignment events—but when she realized tech could solve some of the headaches of selling secondhand goods, HYON was born.

    In whatever she’s doing, Kristy always has visions of a better world. What else would you expect from someone who is the idea chaperone for a Saskatchewan-based technology company creating an industry-changing platform? But others must share (at least some of) Kristy’s visions. HYON won CoLaunch 2018 and has participated in numerous technology incubators including CoLabs, Cultivator, NEXT Canada and Fierce Founders at Communitech. The HYON story has attracted an incredibly talented team from across the country.

    Kristy’s “help others” radar extends past business ventures and into serving her community. She has been a past board member with Saskatchewan Young Professionals & Entrepreneurs, Regina Women’s Network and Regina Newcomers Club, and is ready to apply her energy, imagination, and enthusiasm to the STEP Board. She looks forward to helping put Saskatchewan’s tech sector on the global map, and help non-tech companies embrace the ways technology can help further their industries.

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