STEP Board of Directors

    Angela Propp Schmitt

    Board Member
    President - RedWillow Organics - Carrot River

    Angela Propp Schmitt is the President of RedWillow Organics Inc., a family-owned Certified Organic farming operation and Seed Cleaning and Processing Plant located in NE Saskatchewan.  Her role is sales and export marketing of the organic commodities while other family members work on the agricultural production and seed cleaning and processing side, including custom seed cleaning for other organic producers in the region.  The current operation is a result of expansions to the family farm operation in the past 20 years.  Angela has been involved in private business ventures since graduating from the University of Regina with a degree in Business Administration.  Other ventures include a private Court Reporting firm in Regina, an outfitting business in NE Saskatchewan, and from 2007-2012 Chair and CEO of the North East Enterprise Region.  She currently sits on the Board of Sask Organics, and volunteers in local tourism and economic development projects. Angela and her husband Larry Schmitt have been married for 30 years and have 4 adult children, 5 grandchildren, with all of them now involved in some aspect of the business. Both sides of their family come from a long line of pioneering prairie farmers.   

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