STEP Premium Membership

STEP Premium Membership - New Offering

Effective April 1, 2016

STEP Premium Membership Offers

  • Enhanced and customized services designed for STEP Regular Members
  • New services tailored to Regular Members who are currently involved in export, have the product or service offerings, resources, and commitment to pursue international markets
  • Service offering is ideal for medium to large exporters who are aggressively seeking new business
  • Suite of customized premium membership services available at an additional fee to current annual sales membership service level offering

STEP Premium Membership Summary

  • Customized Market Research Reports - Secondary Research - Additional 50 hours/year to a total maximum of 100 hours/year with fees applicable thereafter
  • Enhanced Qualification of Primary Prospect Leads - Market Research Reports*
  • Enhanced Strategy Assessment  - Market Research Reports
  • Annual STEP Premium Member Service Summary
  • Dedicated Senior Sector Account Manager - Expert Advice and Guidance with Senior Staff
  • Expanded Market Access Program (MAP) - Includes member’s new business development in current/prospective markets outside of trade shows. Increased to up to three (3) applications for a total maximum of $6000/year*
  • Expanded Incoming Buyer Funding Program - Includes one (1) application per year to a maximum of $1000 to offset travel costs of bringing a buyer in to meet with a STEP member
  • Priority Invitations to STEP Missions and Events
  • One (1) Complimentary Registration - Biennial STEP Trade Conference
  • One (1) Complimentary Registration - STEP’s CEO Exporting Roundtable Annual Event
  • Two (2) Complimentary Registrations/Reserved Seating - STEP’s Annual Global Economy Forecast
  • Pro-active Market Representation - STEP Business Development Missions
  • “STEP’ing Out” Service - International Business Trip Itinerary Planning
  • Corporate Advertising Opportunity - Global Ventures - STEP’s Premier Exporting Magazine - Minimum of a ¼ Page advertisement - 1x placement - valued at $905.00 with the option to purchase increased advertising coverage at agreed upon additional rates 

* Subject to availability.

To obtain a copy of the Membership Fee Schedule, please click here.


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