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Market Intelligence - Service Offering for STEP Premium Membership

Effective April 1, 2016

In addition to and in some services, as a maximum to the basic membership service level offering, the STEP Premium Membership includes:

  • Customized Market Research Reports - Secondary Research - Total maximum of 100 hours/year with fees applicable thereafter
  • Enhanced Qualification of Primary Prospect Leads - Market Research Reports.* When applicable, the MI unit will work with the member to identify areas of further qualification of prospects that will involve STEP directly contacting the top 5 - 10 identified prospects to provide enhanced qualification of those prospects.  Service is subject to restrictions including but not limited to language availability and acceptance of the call by the prospect.
  • Enhanced Strategy Assessment  - Market Research Reports will be delivered to Premium Membership members including a distinct section within the report where both the Director of Market Intelligence and relevant trade staff provide a recommendation on market strategy, based on the information collected within the report and STEP’s working knowledge of the member.

Market Intelligence - Service Offering for STEP Members

Our focus on market intelligence and custom market research recognizes what our members continue to tell us.

In today’s competitive environment, knowledge creates success. Mobilizing a number of information sources including our own Trade Development and International Finance Teams, the MI Team develops and delivers the intelligence exporters need to be successful globally. This includes:

  • Qualified trade leads, including potential customers, distributors, and agents
  • Customized market and sector reports, focused on the needs of individual members
  • Strategic intelligence on our member’s competitors that will give Saskatchewan exporters an edge in international markets

We acquire and analyze information to give you a wide understanding of existing and potential customers and determine current and future needs and preferences.  When making decisions you will be able to take into account the attitudes and behaviors of the market, and assess changes in the business environment that may affect the size and nature of the market in the future.

Contact our market intelligence unit for information on market intelligence service.

Market Intelligence Unit
Mr. Jeff Thackeray
Director, Market Intelligence
Telephone: 306 787 4103
Fax: 306 787 6666

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