• “STEP has played a very important part in our success. I have nothing but good things to say about the organization and excellent people that work with them. We’ve utilized different components in terms of market research, or being part of trade shows or other matchmaking opportunities, and the result is in numerous contacts, new clients and new projects over the years.” Peter Vanriel - Canada North Environmental Services Limited Partnership (CanNorth), Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • “I really can’t say enough about STEP and how they’ve helped us so far.  The people there have really been wonderful. Whenever I was confronted by a difficult question, they found the answer. They have helped us make contacts in the industry, not just in this province but all over the world.” Mylo Chubb - Stonehenge Organics, Assiniboia, Saskatchewan
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Membership Application Form - As of April 1, 2017
Membership Fee Schedule - As of March 1, 2017

Member Benefits

  • Customized market research reports
  • Individualized export market advice and guidance
  • Participation in STEP business development missions and in-market support
  • Introduction of members and their products/services to prospective in-market contacts
  • Identification and development of relevant distribution channels
  • Identification and advice on standards and regulatory requirements
  • Identification and development of financing mechanisms for foreign buyers
  • Identification of credit options and development of credit procedures for export markets
  • Information on projects and program options of International Financial Institutions
  • Qualified trade leads
  • Access to in-coming buyers
  • Access to applicable funding programs
  • Geographic and/or sector market overviews
  • Tailored advice from STEP’s export professionals
  • Assistance on accessing financing and export market development programs for exporters
  • Guidance on transportation and logistics issues

Core Services

Company Profiling & Information - enhanced member search capabilities on the STEP website and member profile on flash drive promotional device.  Provided with bi-monthly international business publication - Global Ventures.

Education & Networking Events - provide ongoing export training sessions and networking events at member rates.

International Finance & Logistics - provide custom export finance and logistics solutions by having one-on-one consultations with members. 

International Projects - provide relevant information on STEP’s current project portfolio and the member opportunities contained within as well as information on STEP’s overall policy, direction and interest in international development projects.

Market Intelligence - provide customized market intelligence for your products or services in markets of interest to you.

Qualified Trade Leads - provide qualified trade leads to companies for you to pursue.

Trade Development - provide advice and guidance on opportunities in the market and work with companies on outgoing and incoming trade missions.  

STEP Information/Privacy Policy

Information contained in this application that is not designated

for the website will remain strictly confidential and
for STEP's use only.


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