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  • 21 Mar

    Partner Event - Trade Credit Insurance
    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

    All companies can benefit from credit insurance. Let Rayner Agencies Ltd. show you how to maximize the benefits from trade credit insurance. This seminar will touch upon the following areas:

    • Marketing and Sales – it gives your company an edge over the competition when your sales team knows that your company can access more cash from its line of credit or is able to extend longer payment terms to its customers or prospects.
    • Accounting and Finance – banks love credit insurance! And it will enable your company to increase standard accounts receivable margining from 75% to 90%. This improves cash flow and liquidity in your organization.
    • Credit and Collections – enables your company to gather more credit information about your customers and encourages credit scoring, modelling, and portfolio analysis that lowers overall payment risk.

    For more information, please contact:
    Alon Zack - Manager, Credit Insurance

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